Monday, May 7, 2012

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Prostate woes
The Sun Daily
Prostate cancer is more common in countries where meat and dairy products ... and estrogen hormones being implicated in promoting growth of prostate tumour.

Monday, February 27, 2012

From Harvard:
The truth has once again shaken the foundation of the ‘American Tower of Babel’ that is mainstream science, with a new study out of Harvard University showing that pasteurized milk product from factory farms is linked to causing hormone-dependent cancers. It turns out that the concentrated animal feed.......

And from R.Bibb: Estrone sulfate is converted into 16-alpha hydroxyestrone which is the cancer causing estrogen. Some people convert more efficiently and are, therefore, more likely to get cancer. Dr. D at Harvard keeps turning up the heat on the dairy industry. Congrats!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Now Iceland Knows

(Reuters Health) - Older Icelandic men who remember chugging a lot of milk in their teens are three times as likely to be diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer as more-moderate milk drinkers, researchers have found.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Almond Milk

Here is the abstract of our very important article:

Milk Stimulates Growth of Prostate Cancer Cells in Culture

Milk Stimulates Growth of Prostate Cancer Cells in Culture

Patricia L. Tatea, Robert Bibbb & Lyndon L. Larcomac

pages 1361-1366

Available online: 17 Nov 2011


Concern has been expressed about the fact that cows’ milk contains estrogens and could stimulate the growth of hormone-sensitive tumors. In this study, organic cows’ milk and two commercial substitutes were digested in vitro and tested for their effects on the growth of cultures of prostate and breast cancer cells. Cows’ milk stimulated the growth of LNCaP prostate cancer cells in each of 14 separate experiments, producing an average increase in growth rate of over 30%. In contrast, almond milk suppressed the growth of these cells by over 30%. Neither cows’ milk nor almond milk affected the growth of MCF-7 breast cancer cells or AsPC-1 pancreatic cancer cells significantly. Soy milk increased the growth rate of the breast cancer cells. These data indicate that prostate and breast cancer patients should be cautioned about the possible promotional effects of commercial dairy products and their substitutes

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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Breast Friends
Huffington Post
High dairy consumption in women is also linked to an increased risk of ovarian cancer and prostate cancer in men. So there you have it, we do not need to be ...

The Clincher

Fresh from the press and the Journal: Nutrition and Cancer: Milk Stimulates Growth of Prostate Cancer Cells in Culture

And by the way, digested milk at that by:
Patricia Tate, Robert Bibb and Dr.L. Larcom from Clemson University